broken-iphone-4s-screen.jpg - largeWe offer repair services for all make and model of the Mobile phone devices. We specialize in smart phones hardware and technology.


Our in-house Technicians are professionally trained and can provide you with fast and reliable repair services. Mobile Direct offers obligation free quotes for your handset repair needs.


Most of repair services carried out by us include 60 days warranty for your peace of mind. We guarantee the quality service with fast turn-around time.


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Special offers on iPhone repairs

iPhone 3G & 3GS

Glass/Digitizer Replacement$50
LCD Replacement$50
Home Button Replacement$35

iPhone 4 & 4S

Glass/Digitizer/LCD Replacement$90
Home Button Replacement$40
Charging Port Replacement$40
Battery Replacement$40

iPhone 5 & 5C

Glass/Digitizer/LCD Replacement$110
Charging Port Replacement$45
Home Button Replacement$45
Battery Replacement $40

iPhone 5S

Glass/Digitizer/LCD replacement$110
Charging Port Replacement$40
Home Button Replacement$50
Battery Replacment $40

iPhone 6

Glass/Digitizer Replacement$130
LCD Replacement $180
Charging Port Replacement$65
Home Button Replacement$60
Battery Replacement $50

iPhone 6S

Glass/Digitizer Replacement$170
LCD Replacement$270
Charging Port Replacement$65
Home Button Replacement$60
Battery Replacement $70

iPhone 6 PLUS

Glass/Digitizer Replacement$160
LCD Replacement$220
Charging Port Replacement$65
Home Button Replacement$60
Battery Replacement  $60

iPhone 6S PLUS

Glass/DigitizeR Replacement$220
LCD Replacement$320
Charging Port Replacement$65
Home Button Replacement$60
Battery Replacement $70

iPad 1-4

Glass/Digitizer Replacement$90
LCD Replacement$120

iPad air / air 2  

Glass/Digitizer Replacement$100

iPad air 3

Glass/Digitizer Replacement$120

iPad mini / mini 2

Glass/Digitizer Replacement$100

iPad mini 3

Glass/Digitizer Replacement$130